is writing a book…


2019 Pushcart Prize nominee with the story, Rosé, published in the fourth issue of the The /tƐmz/ Review


A blog interview with me in Exoplanet Magazine is here! Know me more as a fiction writer.


My latest quasi-romance story, A Budding Tale at Torillo Block, published in the seventh issue of The /tƐmz/ Review is here!


My latest slice-of-life story, Nanay Hears the Band Again, published in Flash Fiction Magazine is here!


My latest fantasy story, Whenever the Spell Is Cast, published in the second issue of Exoplanet Magazine is here!



“Life is an everyday battle. Brave hearts are soldiers on the front line,  weak ones deserters on the run.”

                                                          – Charita Gil


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One thought on “Fictionist and Copy Editor

  1. well said. . . I will be following your write ups. . . excited to read more of your stories. I love reading poetry because it refreshes our minds to imagine more of being part the story especially those that have meaning to our lives. . . stay cool and awesome. . .

    Liked by 1 person

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