Published Stories

“Nosy Parker”
“Twenty-one Chances”
“Hasty Johnston”
“A Daughter’s Regrets”
“Karma Is a Douche with the Third Eye”
“Whenever the Spell Is Cast”
“Nanay Hears the Band Again”
“A Budding Tale at Torillo Block”


Published by 101 Words on June 15, 2018

After almost six months of writing short stories, I finally have a published one—a 101-word piece of fiction. This must be my debut piece as a short story writer. The challenge is in the very name of the publication. If you want to test your brevity as a writer, you may try this, too.

Mistaken takes you [back] to a familiar scene where a friend is dismayed to see another. It is about jumping to conclusions and punishing expectations.


“Nosy Parker”

Published by 101 Words on July 9, 2018

Another 101-word piece of fiction! Nosy Parker, as the title suggests, is about a nosy parker who is able to save himself from grave danger just by being … yes … a nosy parker. It features the jeepney culture of the Philippines. I hope you will be entertained with this.

Nosy Parker


Published in the fourth issue of The /tƐmz/ Review on August 7, 2018 and nominated for the 2019 Puschcart Prize

Rosé was originally 6,871 words—the longest short story I’ve written so far this year—but after going through the journal’s editorial process, it was reduced to 4,375 words. It’s still the longest of my stories, though.

I am so excited for this because this will be my first-ever long short story published.


“Twenty-one Chances”

Published by Friday Flash Fiction on July 23, 2018

Another drabble of 100 words published by Friday Flash Fiction this time! One Facebook friend and fellow writer describes Twenty-one Chances as “a gut punch.” It reminds you to be kind to, take care of, and visit your loved ones if they’re far away.

An excerpt:

“My God, Lorraine, where have you been?” The voice quivered on the other end.

“It’s Monday. You tell me. Am I like you?”

“Oh, Lorraine ...”

“I’m sending money. As always. Make sure that Mother eats fresh food. She’s not getting any better ...”

Continue reading here.

“Hasty Johnston”

Published by 101 Words on August 25, 2018

This is another 101-word drabble in a Dorian-Gray-type theme. It tells you and reminds you of a situation where you do everything to get something that you really want but all your sacrifices are all for naught. 

This is my third acceptance from 101 Words, and I am thankful to the editors, especially those who have received and accepted my stories for publication, for believing in me and my micro-fiction.  

Hasty Johnston

“A Daughter’s Regrets”

Published in ARTPOST magazine September Issue on August 26, 2018

This is a dramatic flash fiction piece—ARTPOST magazine also calls this particular genre “slice of life.” I am glad that the magazine accepted it for publication because I really want the world to read it. The story is written in a not-so-typical way; it’s in the form of an email. Please check it out.

The cover of ARTPOST magazine September 2018 Issue

“Karma Is a Douche with the Third Eye”

Published in the second issue of The Brown Orient on October 3, 2018

Karma Is a Douche with the Third Eye is a 1001-word piece of speculative fiction that all started with the very title. I mean that I thought of the title first before the plot. I loved the title, so I made sure I’d come up with a story out of it.

The Brown Orient Issue 2


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