Joshua Gabriel is a 26-year-old bibliophile and aspiring novelist. Books have always been his best friends. He loves the scent and feel of their pages, and he is utterly amazed by their words which make him imagine countless places, people, and experiences. He is never alone as long as he has a book by his side. Overall, he fancies all kinds of books, but he is particularly fond of YA literature.


Josh is my dongsaeng—the Korean term for a younger peer who is a great friend—at work and in Korean dramas (yes, we live in them). Before my stories are sent out to publications, I would ask him to read them. You can trust him to spot inconspicuous errors in the manuscript. I just feel it if he likes the story or not; no need to ask him the general yes-no question. Follow him at to check out what great he does.

Michael Carter is a lifetime reader and writer. As a lawyer, he spent two decades writing for judges throughout the western United States, primarily in California and Washington. He writes fiction and creative non-fiction mostly for personal enjoyment, but also to share with family, friends, and a few publications. In addition to reading and writing, he enjoys fishing, cast iron cooking, and spending time with his lovely wife and their sons. He also enjoys occasional India pale ales.


I owe my published 101 Words story to Michael. I learned about the publication from him. He is a kind gentleman who is very supportive of new writers like me. Follow him at and be inspired to write horror stories after reading his.

Aeryn Rudel has been a writer and editor in the tabletop gaming industry for over ten years. He was the publications manager for Privateer Press and the acquisitions editor for the fiction imprint Skull Island eXpeditions. He is also a notorious dinosaur nerd (ALL theropod dinosaurs had feathers!), a rare polearm expert (the bec de corbin is CLEARLY superior to the lucerne hammer), and has mastered the art of fighting with sword-shaped objects (but not actual swords). Aeryn lives in Seattle with his wife, Melissa, who has demonstrated near supernatural resistance to her husband’s nerdery.


Aeryn’s blog and stories have inspired me to work harder on my writing and to write horror, sci-fi, and fantasy stories—I’m trying my hand at them now. I dig those stories of his, and I wish I could write like he does. Are you a budding fictionist like me and collecting numerous rejections? Don’t worry; his blog will make you feel good. Trust me. So follow him at to see for yourself what I’m talking about.


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