I love writing poetry, especially haiku. Below are my haiku also posted on my Instagram.

A Collection of Haiku

    Go-with-the-Flow Man

A leaf on a tree falls,
      drifts in the gentle stream, 
      out to the wild sea.

    The Death of Love 

Exquisite blossom of winter, 
      don't fade away 
      —foolish lover's plea.

    Foolish Girl 

A young sunflower 
      waiting for the sun ... in vain 
      —a fool in the rain.

    The Opposites 

Time and again yet 
      ne'er in unison ... sun ... moon ... 
      As you rise, I set.

    Chase in Vain 

Rise, hide, shine bright, set, 
      run away but ne'er to me; 
      alas, sun and moon.

    Lovers' Conflict 

You shine brighter than 
      I ever could—sun and moon 
      —painful space 'tween us.

    Curiosity Might Kill the Cat
Curious, now falling ... 
      On my feet I'll land—thank God. 
      I know! Just tempted.

    Let It Rain 

Call on the Hyades; 
      bring me tears, flood my desert  
      —a burning soul's plea.

    Set Me Free 

O Helios, I pray ... 
      Melt my glacier, let me flow 
      free to nirvana.


High on the rocks yet 
      hurt, bewildered; and to the 
      sea, "Whisper my name."

    Daffodil of Winter 

Persephone's kiss 
      wakes the sleeping daffodil. 
      Bloom! Winter's over!

    The Pine 

The swallow is back 
      greeting the thriving pine tree. 
      Knock! Knock! Spring begins.

    The Bamboo
Tall winter soldier, 
      thou ne'er witherest nor bendst. 
      Thou art king of spring.

    The Plum
Plum trees flaunt their pink 
      beauty after all the cold 
      —resilience till spring.

    The Beginning of Spring 

When the Three Friends of 
      Winter fall for Kore's charm, 
      they whisper, dance, bloom.


Let the Apple of 
      Discord be just an apple. 
      Share or eat it whole.

    Foolish Ambition 

For the fairest is
      the Apple of Discord as 
      well as for a fool.


There's no better judge 
      than a puddle mirroring 
      yourself scarred ... wicked.

    Threatening Jealousy 

Jealous raindrops go 
      plink, plink ... soothing ... yet the proud
      sunflower is threatened.


Header Image: Kamos HD Wallpaper

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2 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Oh my, i love this traditional Japanese poems, haiku consists of three short lines that do not rhyme.
    Super cute to read the lines, inspiring indeed. keep up the good work…

    Liked by 1 person

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